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Pallot are one of the largest commercial service providers in the island.
Since we started in 1954 we have dealt with both the trade, private and commercial customers.

When you need a commercial project – think Pallot.

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Innovative designs and a comprehensive range of windows suitable for the architectural, commercial, public, new build and retail markets are the hallmarks of Pallot Glass and Windows.

Our commercial aluminium windows range encompasses companies such as Schuco, Smarts, Sapa, Aluk, Velfac, Kawneer and many more.

All windows are available in casement (top hung, side hung, fixed or combinations), tilt and turn, hopper, tilt and slide, projecting, fully reversible, pivot (horizontal & vertical) and sliding. Windows are constructed with a polyamide thermal barrier for increased thermal performance.

High security glazing, shootbolt locking, dual colour are amongst the many options available.

All of our commercial windows offer excellent weather performance and ratings in accordance with the requirements of British Standards. BSI test certificates and BSI kitemark test reports, where applicable, are available on request.

Our commercial aluminium doors are available in a wide range of colours and finishes and comply with all relevant British/European standards and Document L for thermal transmittance.

Design flexibility, durability and fitness for purpose are key factors that project managers, architects and specifiers apreciate when they opt for our commercial doors.

Whether required for refurbishment or new build projects, our doors are designed for rigorous use and heavy traffic.

As with our commercial windows we only use tried and tested systems suppliers.

Whether swing or sliding, our commercial entrance doors are the solution to your problem. Our shopfront system is specifically designed for all ground floor treatments and severe duty doors.

The system is stylish, practical and accommodating and has the flexibility to accomodate a variety of sightline options to the heads, midrails and cills as well as anti-fingertrap stiles and concealed transom closers.

The versatility of the system is amply demonstrated by the vast number of local installations that we have carried out.

Automatic doors are an essential part of many buildings including supermarkets, airports, schools, hospitals and hotels.

One of the greatest single benefits of automatic doors is the ability to offer easy access to everyone.

Thanks to cutting edge technology, superior quality of processes and materials, our automatic doors not only give your building something more in terms of look but also make the life of their users more comfortable.

Sliding and hinged toughened glass doors are a stylish and contemporary option that is ideal in areas where additional light is required.

Pallot Glass designs and installs made to measure frameless glass doors which are both functional and have huge aesthetic appeal.

Frameless glass doors can be used in a variety of openings, in both commercial and domestic applications and can easily be incorporated into glass partitions, giving a contemporary all-glass look.

Our thermally insulated sliding folding doors are constructed from robust sections which enable the creation of large passageways that provide maximum light and panoramic views.

The system, which is made up of movable panels that can be folded to either side, offers flexibility in terms of the possible combinations of folding elements and opening sashes.

This door system can be used in a variety of properties where creating a complete open wall is desired.

Our curtain wall system is designed to create a dramatic but practical facade.

You can choose from sloped or faceted glazing which allows maximum light into small or large multi-storey buildings.

Rapid onsite installation and concealed transoms for seamless, uninterrupted glass to glass joints, are among the features of our versatile polyamide thermal break system, which comes with the added benefit of accommodating our full range of windows and doors.

We can provide a glazed balustrade design to suit just about any need.

We have over 25 years experience creating both straight and curved glazed balustrades.

Our technical department can handle any client’s needs, while our innovation team ensures that our ideas never stay still!

All our balustrades have undergone rigorous safety testing both on completed sites and in laboratories and comply with BS6180 and BS6399.

Pallot Glass & Windows are proud to offer Libart’s range of glass and aluminium retractable buildings, conservatories and roof lights. We can offer custom designed light, functional and aesthetically attractive operable structures. What is commonly known as kinetic structures, creates multipurpose operable / retractable buildings, conservatories or roof lights that increase the functionality and extend the use of residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Our designs create an ‘indoor comfort – outdoor freedom’ environment.
Guillotine windows are a new solution for restaurants, cafes and hospitallity establishments. This system offers an ‘unobstructed view’ maximum clear span , with no vertical frames and a minimalistic horzontal frame. Guillotine windows are operated with just the touch of a button, without disturbing your customers. Open windows and still maintain a physical barrier that meets with building regulations without the need of a secondary balustrade or balcony railing. Maximize window seats and take full advantage of the are in front or behind these windows. Guillotine windows can be opened any amount for total control of natural ventilation whilst assuring comfort for your clients from gusts of wind.
Pallot provide an SER – Structural Engineers Registration service for commercial and domestic projects. This service certifies the structural design of glazing systems. Further information on the Pallot SER

Commercial Projects

  • Duhammel Place 1
  • Duhammel Place 2
  • Duhammel Place 3
  • Duhammel Place 4
  • Boat House 1
  • Boat House 2
  • Boat House 3
  • Boat House 4
  • Boat House 5
  • Boat House 6
  • Castle Street 1
  • Castle Street 2
  • Castle Street 3
  • Castle Street 4
  • Castle Street 5
  • Castle Street 6
  • Castle Street 7
  • Castle Street 8
  • Durrell 1
  • Durrell 2
  • Durrell 3
  • Durrell 4
  • First Tower Garage 1
  • First Tower Garage 2
  • First Tower Garage 3
  • First Tower Garage 4
  • First Tower Garage 5
  • First Tower Garage 6
  • Golden Sands 1
  • Golden Sands 2
  • Grenville Street 1
  • Grenville Street 2
  • Grenville Street 3
  • Grenville Street 4
  • Grenville Street 5
  • La Hougette 1
  • La Hougette 2
  • La Hougette 3
  • La Hougette 4
  • La Hougette 5
  • La Mielle 1
  • La Mielle 2
  • La Mielle 3
  • La Motte Street 1
  • La Motte Street 2
  • La Motte Street 3
  • La Motte Street 4
  • La Motte Street 5
  • La Motte Street 6
  • La Motte Street 7
  • La Motte Street 8
  • Les Ormes 1
  • Les Ormes 2
  • Les Ormes 3
  • Les Ormes 4
  • Les Ormes 5
  • Les Ormes 6
  • Les Ormes 7
  • Les Ormes 8
  • Magistrates Court 1
  • Magistrates Court 2
  • Magistrates Court 3
  • Magistrates Court 4
  • Manor Homes 1
  • Manor Homes 2
  • Manor Homes 3
  • Maritime Offices 1
  • Maritime Offices 2
  • Maritime Offices 3
  • Maritime Offices 4
  • Maritime Offices 5
  • Maritime Offices 6
  • Maritime Offices 7
  • Pizza Express 1
  • Pizza Express 2
  • Pizza Express 3
  • Pizza Express 4
  • Pizza Express 5
  • Royal Bank of Scotland 1
  • Royal Bank of Scotland 2
  • Royal Bank of Scotland 3
  • Royal Bank of Scotland 4
  • Royal Bank of Scotland 5
  • Royal Bank of Scotland 6
  • Royal Bank of Scotland 7
  • Royal Bank of Scotland 8
  • Sandringham 1
  • Sandringham 2
  • Sandringham 3
  • Sandringham 4
  • Sandringham 5
  • Seacrest 1
  • Seacrest 2
  • Seacrest 3
  • Seacrest 4
  • Seacrest 5