Pilkington Decorative Glass

Introducing the Pilkington decorative glass range

Pilkington Decorative Glass

Introducing the Pilkington decorative glass range

Express your individual style while allowing maximum light into your home with Pilkington Decorative Glass.

More than just

Windows & Doors

Since 1954


Their range of traditional and contemporary styles has been strengthened by the addition of two brand new designs – Pilkington Tribal and Pilkington Cassini – inspired by the latest trends. The new, expanded range gives you the ability to maintain privacy providing the optimum blend of
form and function.

More than just Windows & Doors

Pilkington Texture Glass

Whether it’s for privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, Pilkington Texture Glass gives you a stylish range of attractive options. No one offers a bigger choice of original designs, in fact, you can choose from 21 different designs, which range from traditional to contemporary including our 2 brand new designs. The advantages of Pilkington Texture Glass are easy to see too. Not only does it allow maximum light in, while maintaining your chosen level of privacy or obscuration, but it also makes an attractive, decorative feature itself. And that’s why our textured glass is the most trusted in the market.

With the broad range of original patterned designs, plus our Pilkington Oriel etched glass range, there are now even more design possibilities, all with the quality you’d expect from one of the most recognised and trusted glass brands. There really is no better decorative glass choice for your home.

Textured Glass Privacy

Pushing the boundaries of textured glass production, the fine line detail and carefully considered angles of Pilkington Cassini combine to produce a stunning multi- layered effect. The use of cutting edge technology results in a unique modern design with lenticular elements that shift with the viewing angle. Pilkington TribalTM demonstrates a freer, hand- drawn aesthetic inspired by the vivid individuality of tribal patterns. To achieve this look, we have drawn upon our rich heritage of engraving expertise to produce a glass steeped in history, yet perfect for the contemporary world.

No one offers a bigger choice of original designs for patterned/textured glass, in fact, you can choose from a range of 19 designs from traditional to contemporary. The range offers 5 privacy levels to suit your needs.

For information photography taken with focal point of camera to glass 85 cm and clock front to glass 15 cm.

Pilkington Oriel Collection – the premium etched range

This exciting range of stunning, high-end decorative etched glass designs offer excellent light transmission with various levels of privacy.

The inspiring range is available in a variety of contemporary and traditional designs, each with a modern opaque appearance that is both functional and attractive.

All the designs in the Pilkington Oriel Collection have a matt appearance with a smooth and durable surface to provide a guaranteed uniform surface nish, ideally suited for use in a wide range of domestic and commercial applications:

– Kitchen & bathroom splashbacks
– Kitchen cupboards
– Displays and balustrades
– Domestic and commercial partition walling (eg ensuites, loft conversions and office screening)
– Furniture
– Doors
– New and replacement windows
– Shower screens

Etched Glass Privacy

There are 4 privacy options available across the Etched Glass range:

Linear Privacy Level 2
This design can be supplied in a horizontal or vertical direction. Orientation must be specified on order. For a horizontal effect the maximum height is restricted to 1320 mm due to manufacture orientation. If a vertical effect is required then the maximum height is limited to 2140 mm.

Saturn Privacy Level 3
For a diagonal effect where the large circle runs from top left to bottom right the maximum height is 2140 mm. For a diagonal effect where the large circle runs bottom left to top right the maximum height is 1320 mm. Orientation must be specified on order.

Pattern Visualiser

Take advantage of the Pilkington Glass pattern presenter, which will demonstrate how Pilkington Texture Glass can be used in your home.