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Chris Abel – Managing Director

Chris started at Pallot Glass in 2017 as a Director, but has recently taken up the role of Managing Director from Tom Matthews. With a background of Sales and Customer Service, Chris has been in the glazing industry for over 5 years, and has gained a wealth of knowledge on windows, glazing and installation.

Outside of work, Chris is a keen movie buff. He likes to watch the latest blockbuster at the cinema and spend quality time with his family. Inside the office, Chris is partial to a good coffee, and has a secret coffee machine stashed in his office. He also enjoys singing along to his favourite playlist - something which keeps the office amused.

Chris can be contacted on:
Telephone: 01534 760500

Tom Matthews - Consultant

Tom started at Pallot’s in 1985. Tom has recently stepped down as Managing Director of Pallot Glass and Windows. Tom is now acting as a consultant to the sales and installation teams

Outside of Pallot’s Tom enjoys his holidays, he has 4 children and 6 grandchildren to keep him occupied.

Tom is a lover of sports and likes to keep himself healthy. You will either find him in the swimming pool or the tennis court or somewhere running or walking in the island.

Tom can be contacted on:
Direct line: 01534 760980

James Douglas – Sales Manager

James started at Pallot’s in 1979, with nearly 43 years of service and our longest serving Employee. James is our Domestic Window’s Sales Manager. Outside of Pallot’s, James is an avid Lawn Bowler and has competed in various competitions and represented Jersey in many competitions.

James also likes spending time with his grandchildren and likes to take up new hobbies, with the latest being paddleboarding.

James has gained a wealth of knowledge on windows over his 43 years at Pallot’s.

James can be contacted on:
Directline: 01534 760927

Thaddeus Pearce – Sales Executive

Thaddeus started at Pallot’s in 2021 as a Sales Executive and deals with the selling of all windows and doors.

Should you wish to get in touch, Thaddeus can be contacted on:
Mobile: 07797 863779


Bill Green – Sales Executive

Bill started at Pallot’s in 2022 as a Sales Executive and deals with the selling of all windows and doors.

Should you wish to get in touch, Bill can be contacted on:

Commercial Sales Team

Paul Bourke – Commercial Sales Manager

Paul started at Pallot’s in 1985 along with Tom Matthews. He is our Commercial sales manager for the business and deals daily with the main building firms on the island.

Outside of Pallot’s Paul has a keen interest in classic motor bikes and likes to have a strum on his guitar.

He has also been renovating a property which has kept him busy for the past 2 years.

Paul has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience on the commercial side of the business during his time at Pallot’s.
Paul can be contacted on:
Direct line: 01534 760991

Phil Helleur – Commercial Contract Co-Ordinator

Phil started at Pallot’s in 2000 and he has been under the watchful eye of Paul Bourke. Phil is our Commercial Contracts Co-Ordinator.

Outside of Pallot’s, Phil is a keen sportsman and a keen footballer. He currently plays as an attacking midfielder in the Trinity 1st Team.

Phil can be contacted on:
Directline: 01534 760992

Julian Bensaid - Commercial and Domestic Project Co-ordinator

Julian joined Pallot Glass and Windows in February 2023 as he was brought in to take over Phil Helleur’s role as Commercial and Domestic Project Co-ordinator whilst he has a career change.

Outside of Pallot’s Julian has a keen interest in Motorbikes, Cars, Rugby, both Union and League, writing and drawing. He is currently in the process of getting one of his books published.

Julian can be contacted on:
Mobile: 07797956765

Glazing Sales Team

Andrew Toporis – Glazing Sales Manager

Andrew started at Pallot’s in 2000. Andrew followed in his fathers’ footsteps, as he is the Son of Werner Toporis, who was the previous group director. Andrew is the Glazing Sales Manager.

Outside Pallot’s Andrew enjoys Martial arts and has achieved various black belts. He also enjoys boating and taking various trips around the channel and to France on the weekends. Andrew has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge from his father within the glazing industry.

Andrew can be contacted on:
Mobile: 07797 740186

Matt Hamon – Glazing and Service Manager

Matt started at Pallot’s in 1988 as an apprentice Glazier. Over the 34 years, Matt has worked his way up to Glazing and Service manager.

Outside Pallot’s Matt has two rescue dogs who keeps him busy and enjoys a good game of scrabble.

Matt’s knowledge and experience gained over the past 34 years is invaluable to Pallot’s.

Matt can be contacted on:
Direct line: 01534 760500

Darrell Capps – Front Office Team leader

Darrel joined Pallot in the beginning of 2022 in our Sales department, but decided to move into a new role where he is the Team Leader of the front office. Darrell can be seen at our counter daily along with his team and is the first point of contact for all queries for the Glazing team. Darrell has come from a background of sales and customer service.

Outside of Pallot’s Darrell spends quality time with his young family and his beloved dog Peaches, who can sometimes be heard in the office.

Over the past 12 months, Darrell has gained a wealth of glass and glazing knowledge from the long-standing members of our team.

Darrell can be contacted on:
Mobile: 01534 760500

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