Howells Glazing

Howells Glazing

With more than 45 years in the glazing industry Howells Glazing is a name you can trust. Formed in 1973, Howells Glazing has brought a new dimension to thousands of properties throughout the UK. They manufacture, supply and install an extensive range of roof lights, loose bars and canopies across the United Kingdom. And now, Pallot Glass & Windows are the authorised distributor for Jersey for these fabulous products.

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You can say goodbye to the dark ages with our wide selection of roof lights from Howells Glazing, and let your property sparkle under the stars. From lantern rooflights and pyramid roof lights to mono pitched and orangery roof lights, we have a design that will change your home forever. Roof lights are ideal for the romantics and the star gazers. Who doesn’t like to cuddle up under a blanket and pass the time away while watching the stars in the sky? With a roof light, you can now do that on a cosy sofa in front of a warm fire while savouring your favourite hot drink. Even when it’s lashing down outside you won’t mind as you kick back and relax listening to the rain crash off the glass. And it’s not just the interior of your home that will benefit from the installation of a roof light, the whole look and feel of the property will change too. Visitors are guaranteed to stand back and admire your new addition.

Our canopies can also give you a secure and dry area to socialise under. They give you the best of both worlds as you can breathe in the crisp, clean air while also remaining untouched by the weather. Howells Glazing is an established manufacturer of patent glazing roof lights and canopies.



Howells rooflights are constructed from aluminium, and are fully thermally broken giving superior thermal efficiency coupled with low maintenance and stylish design. We offer quality powder coated finishes to any standard RAL colour of your choice including dual colour (i.e. internal/external different colours).

Different internal and external profile finishes are available including square, ornate and raked features to suit your application. Our rooflights are made to your specific size with pitches ranging from 15 to 45 degrees (30 degrees is our standard).

Adding vertical windows to create a true lantern rooflight gives a more traditional heritage look. Vertical window height is variable and allows top-hung opening vents to be situated within the windows.

Our pyramid rooflights are made to the same high standards as all our rooflight systems. As with our double hipped rooflights pitches from 15 to 45 degrees are avaliable. Manufactured to your required size and specification.

As with all our rooflights, octagons are made to measure with all your choice of specifications available. We can also supply Howells Glazing trapazoidal roof vents for pyramids/octagon rooflights, eliminating extra bars required to house square vents.


Howells Glazing have developed their own vent system, to slot within their roof patent glazing bars. They have been designed to accommodate all types of roof patent glazing applications, utilising single glass or double glazing to suit customer requirements.

The system comprises roof mounted pneumatic, electrically operated opening ventilators connected to a remote control panel or manual worm gear controlled operation using an operating pole.

They come in various options such as smoke ventilators. These are designed to aid the safe evacuation of premises where the system has been installed. All ventilators comply with the recommendations of BS 7346 part1. Accreditation certificate on the test carried out at Warrington Fire Research Centre is available for inspection upon request.

The system also provides for the ventilators to be used on a day to day basis to provide natural ventilation if required. If inclement weather prevails the system can incorporate rain sensors to automatically close the ventilators.

Note! The fire signal is master and will override all other signals.

Loose Bars

Glazing Bars are available to order direct from Howells Patent Glazing, the experts in glazing equipment for trade customers. We supply glazing bar systems in various sizes to suit your requirements and all of our products are manufactured right here in the UK at our base in the West Midlands.

You can view more about the glazing equipment that we have to offer right here at our website, where you can find pictures and technical specifications for all of our products. Our glazing bar systems can accept 6mm to 32mm thicknesses of glass and are usually supplied for double glazing purposes, although most of our glazing bar systems can be adjusted to suit single glaze and polycarbonate glazing materials if required.

Here at Howells Patent Glazing, we specialise in innovative designs that are aesthetically appealing and we are always willing to lend a hand if you have a complicated project that requires some expert advice. Don’t forget that as well as supplying glazing materials, we also offer a full design, manufacture and installation service so that you can have your whole project handled by our experienced team of glazers. We can even manage your project and carry out building work if required. This allows us to have complete control over every stage of the project, which ensures that everything runs smoothly and is completed on time and on budget.

When you put your trust in Pallot Glass and Windows as your glazing supplier, you will not be disappointed with our service, as we work closely with our customers to fulfill your requirements and come up with solutions that will improve your project no end. If you cannot see the product that you are looking for, or you require some advice about our equipment, please feel free to get in touch with us straight away. We always aim to provide the most competitive quotes whilst still giving you great quality service from our team from the very start.


These Traditional Moulded Ogee Gutters are normally direct back fixed to the Fascia Board. Small Moulded Ogee Gutter. These Metal Gutters are predrilled ready to be direct back fixed no brackets are required.

Large Moulded Ogee Gutter.
Other types of Gutter Brackets, Fascia Brackets, Side Or Top Fix Rafter Brackets, Mortar brackets / Rise and Fall Brackets can be provided. Special / Bespoke Gutter Brackets can also be manufactured.

Moulded Ogee Gutter Fittings comprehensive range of Stop Ends, Shaped Stop End, Running Outlets, Back Outlets, Sleeve Outlets, Gutter Angles, Non Standard, Irregular Angles, Raked Angles, Apex Angles, High Capacity Internal Angles and other Special Items that is Required.

Canopies & Verandahs

We offer a versatile product that can be adapted to be used for verandah and canopy applications. These can either be self supported upto 3 metres or if supported with structural steel every 3 metres, it is unlimited. The design choices range from single pitched, facetted, hipped, gable ended or bespoke design and applications.

We can glaze with glass or polycarbonate and powder coat the bars to a large spectrum of British standard colour choices.

Glass Options

There’s an abundance of different glass specifications to choose from. Our preferred supplier is Pilkington Glass as they are an established company and household name.

Our standard specification for glass is 28mm Clear toughened double glazed units (with a centre pane U value of 1.2 W/m). However, we do offer a 50mm triple-glazed unit option (with a centre pane U value of 0.7 w/m2) Glass upgrades such as Activ Self Cleaning and also Activ Blue or Neutral (Grey) Solar controlled options are available just to name a few.

Glass samples and more technical information available on request.

RAL Colour Charts

All our glazing bars from Howells Glazing are made from Aluminium and therefore we are able to offer Polyester Powder Coating of all the visible framework to offers a range of colour variations to compliment most design applications. We offer powder coating from the standard range of any standard colour within the RAL range. We can offer single or dual colour choices (internal different to external colours).

To help you narrow down your colour choice we have provided a download option for the standard RAL colours available. The list shows all the standard range together with relevant RAL numbers underneath. Please note that these are provided as an initial guide only.

The polyester powder can be supplied in a matt, semi gloss or full glass finish however a matt finish tends to be more popular due its smooth, low reflective surface. Please ensure that the gloss level and reference specified is that of a standard colour (non standard colour and gloss finish combinations do cost extra).

Polyester powder coating is achieved by the spraying of the polyester powder resin onto a statically charged section (the charge determines the thickness of the coating). A minimum of 40 microns should be specified (60 and 80 microns optional). Once complete the polyester is baked onto the surface within an oven at high temperature and then left to cool before handling, it is at the point that the polyester powder coated finish provides a smooth durable surface layer.