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Hörmann roller garage doors can be used for virtually any type of garage opening, making them ideal for use in domestic garages where other door types would not be practical. Our elecrtic RollMatic roller garage doors take up minimal space, allowing you to retain full use of the garage ceiling, along with the space directly in front of and behind the door. Available in a range of colours and finished, our RollMatic roller garage doors are manufactured to the highest standards from corrosion-proof aluminium for maximum durability. Electric automation comes as standard with our roller doors, however, a manual option is also available.

Roller garage doors open vertically and require minimum space inside the garage. The door’s design offers maximum space inside and in front of the garage. The ceiling also remains free and can be used for lamps or as an additional storage space.

The shape of the garage door opening is not of prime importance when fitting roller garage doors. Whether square, chamfered, with segmental or Norman arch... a Hörmann roller garage door RollMatic always fits.

We offer you the roller garage door RollMatic in various styles to allow you to perfectly match it to the architecture of your home. For a natural look of the door, choose one of the two timber designs of the Decograin or Decopaint surface finishes. Or you opt for one of the 11 inexpensive door colours . Of course, we also provide matching side doors.

Electric automation comes as standard with our roller doors, however, a manual option is also available.

Roller garage door RollMatic

The operator that is included as standard is located outside the barrel casing for trouble-free maintenance. The door components, operator and control are optimally adjusted to each other and approved as a functioning unit. Our compact roller garage door RollMatic is the best choice if the ceiling area in the garage is to remain clear and there is also no space for a door leaf at the side.

Advantages at a glance:

Innovative surface protection: For protection against scratches that are caused by dirt when opening the door, we recommend the use of the DuraBelt winding unit. It significantly reduces the risk of scratches and is not only available for all new RollMatic and RollMatic T doors, but can also be retrofitted on older RollMatic doors. Optically, the DuraBelt is not visible from the outside.

Reliable counterbalance: The patented tension spring assembly with spring-in-spring system, exclusively available from Hörmann, and the transparent protective cover prevent broken springs from flying out and thus protect from personal injury.

Standard operator: Thanks to the operator with soft start and soft stop as standard, RollMatic doors are particularly quiet and gentle on the door. In addition, operation by smartphone using Bluetooth and integration into a Smart Home control centre are possible.

Harmonious overall view: Door curtain, boom, fascia panel and barrel cover are all available in the same colour on request.

Harmonious overall view: Door curtain, boom, fascia panel and barrel cover are all available in the same colour on request.


Engineering excellence as standard – RollMatic T

The RollMatic T is a tubular drive roller door that comes as standard with a spiral cable closing edge safety device. As many parts are already pre-assembled, the installation time for this door is greatly decreased. This classic looking roller door is the latest offering in our roller door range and is available in 16 colours and two Decopaint and Decograin timber design finishes.

RollMatic OD horizontal door

The space-saving RollMatic OD horizontal door is ideal for modernisation. The narrow design of the horizontal door allows fitting in the garage even in very tight spaces. The door's compact construction only requires a headroom of 60 mm.

The standard operator ProMatic can be either installed on the right or the left horizontal guide rail, no additional headroom is required.

With the optionally available SupraMatic operator, your horizontal door opens faster and you can drive directly from the street into your garage. And you will wonder how you ever lived without convenience functions such as the additional opening height, e.g. to ventilate your garage, and being able to switch the operator lighting on and off with your hand transmitter.


Good reasons to try the Hörmann roller garage door RollMatic

The space-saving solution for your garage

Reliable and safe:

the tension spring assembly
The tested tension spring assembly supports the operator during the opening and closing of the door. This protects the operator mechanism and in case of an emergency, the door can be easily opened by hand. A crank handle is not necessary. Double cabling additionally protects the door from crashing to the floor. The special profile arrangement with the shaft guarantees a secure, break-in resistant locking. With this mechanism, it is practically impossible to push the curtain open.

Reliable automatic safety cut-out

RollMatic doors are especially quiet and subject to minimum wear due to the standard operators with soft start and soft stop. The counterbalance system and the eliable automatic safety cut-out securely stop the door if it encounters an obstacle. For even more protection and safety, we recommend fitting a non-contact photocell.


Compact roller garage door

Roller garage doors RollMatic are the best choice if the ceiling area of your garage should remain free and if your garages are too small for a garage horizontal door or sectional door. The roller garage door curtain compactly winds up into the lintel of the door opening, thus allowing you to use the ceiling for lamps or as an additional storage space. The RollMatic is also available as an external roller garage door for fitting in fromt of the opening with little side room.

Standard wind locks

The Hörmann roller garage doors RollMatic can even withstand large wind loads (up to class 4). The wind locks fitted as standard in the profile end keeps the door securely within its guides. An additional advantage is increased burglar protection.


Easy to fit

Roller garage doors RollMatic can be fitted quickly and easily by the specialist Hörmann partner. The side guides, fascia panel and operator are bolted to the garage walls and lintel. The curtain is then pulled effortlessly onto the barrel by the operator and fixed via belts.


Additional surface protection

Dirt can cause small scratch marks on the door curtain when the door is rolled up. Our DuraBelt winding unit provides additional protection. When rolling up, several belts are placed between the individual layers of the door curtain, thus significantly reducing scratch marks. The belt of the DuraBelt is not visible during door travel.


Space-saving horizontal door

For garages with a particularly low headroom, garage horizontal doors RollMatic OD are especially suitable. The door curtain is guided under the ceiling through narrow side guides. Due to the space-saving, lateral operator fitting, the Rollmatic OD has a required headroom of only 60mm.


BiSecur radio system with certified security

The bidirectional radio system BiSecur features future-oriented technology for the convenient and secure operation of garage and entrance gate operators, door operators, lights and more.

This extremely secure BiSecur encryption protocol, developed by Hörmann, with a stable, interference-free range makes sure that no one can copy your radio signal. It was tested and certified by security experts at Bochum university and independent test institutes.


Smart control and intelligent ease of use

You can operate your garage and entrance door operators, door operators, entrance door locks and many other things easily and conveniently via hand transmitter, radio button or app on your smartphone or tablet for maximum convenience. All operators, receivers and control elements are equipped with the certified Hörmann BiSecur radio technology and are fully compatible with one another.

With the Smart home control system, you can control all door functions from the comfort of your sofa via your tablet or smartphone.

Convenient inquiry of the door position

You will never have to go outdoors in all types of weather to check whether your garage door is closed. With a single push of a button, the LED colour on the hand transmitter HS 5 BS shows you whether the door is open or closed. If required, another push of a button closes the door.


Award-winning design

In addition to a black or white design, BiSecur hand transmitters are characterised by an elegant shape that fits easily in the palm of your hand.

Hörmann’s BiSecur hand transmitters with an optional high-gloss surface in a piano lacquer look have received the reddot design award for their exclusive design.


Easy, fast and professional cleaning

Cleaning doors and frames couldn’t be easier with the cleaning and maintenance set developed exclusively for Hörmann in collaboration with Sonar. With this set, you can achieve a professional finish - fast. This means that the construction components retain their colour intensity in the long term and are optimally protected against wear and corrosion. This set has been specially tested by Hörmann and includes a perfectly matched cleaner and polish. The set not only makes cleaning much easier but reduces the risk of damaging the construction components.