Slimline Verandas

Verandas are a proven and extremely popular option to get the most out of your garden, creating bright and spacious living areas that can be used in all seasons and in any weather. At Better Outdoors, we offer several modern versions of the classic veranda, maintaining the simple, practical form but updating the design with our robust aluminium construction to achieve beautifully slimline appearances, large, open spans and even the option of insulated profiles for incredible thermal performance.

The superior structural integrity of our aluminium verandas not only helps to achieve slim, contemporary designs with hard-wearing powder coated finishes, but also allows the option to add elements like glass walls and sliding doors to create a completely enclosed space without compromising on the rigidity or lifespan of the veranda.

Adding a beautiful, complementary feature to a new building, or a modern flair to traditional and heritage homes, these verandas can be easily tailored to suit property style and personal tastes. This flexibility is enhanced by our huge range of colour choices and stylish additions, to help to bring a customised look and feel to every project.

Key Features

Slimmest System

Outclassing other aluminium veranda systems in the industry, the slimline veranda offers an unbeatably svelte design. By achieving a post depth of just 173mm, and completely integrating the slim gutter profile into the framework, these verandas create contemporary spaces featuring the slimmest possible sightlines, without compromising on quality.

Best Value

Our slimline system offers the best value for smaller verandas, and those which do not need to incorporate wide openings for large sliding doors. Smaller gardens will benefit from the slimline veranda’s reduced footprint and be enhanced by its minimalist aesthetic. Choose the slimline veranda for a muted addition to your home that can be easily tailored to suit tight spaces and unconventional garden layouts, but still achieve a perfect fit.

Low Maintenance

Unlike home improvements constructed from timber or steel, our powder coated aluminium verandas require very little maintenance to perform at their best. All that’s needed is an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to ensure they look as good as the day they were installed. They will not warp, crack, bow or twist from long-term exposure to the elements, and never need rustproofing or repainting.

Insulated Verandas

To offer a modern and cost-effective alternative to a traditional conservatory, we have developed an insulated version of our veranda. Thermally broken aluminium profiles combined with insulated windows and doors are used to create an incredibly thermally-efficient garden room with a clean and crisp aesthetic.

Where conservatories of the past have fallen into the trap of being too cold in the winter and overheating in the summer, our innovative range of accessories and design expertise can help you build a room that will truly add year-round living space to your home at a fraction of the cost of the alternative.

Choose from any combination of solar glass, switchable glass, vertical blinds, roof blinds and even motorised opening skylights to keep inside temperatures down when the sun is out. When the weather becomes cooler, rely on heatstrips, heated glass, heat-mirror panes and double, triple or even quadruple glazing to keep your insulated veranda warm and comfortable.

Key Features

Affordable & Fast

Compared with the cost of an extension or even a traditional conservatory, our insulated veranda is an incredibly affordable option to create insulated living area that can be enjoyed in any season. It can also be constructed in as little as a single day, saving you huge disruption to your family and work life and giving you more time to enjoy your new space.

Modern Design

Our Insulated veranda features a clean and simple design with slim lines, large areas of glazing and reinforced aluminium profiles to create wide spans. Combine with your choice of slimline, thermally-broken sliding, bi-folding or French doors and fixed windows or insulated panels, to create an elegant, modern living space with the lowest u-values achievable.

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditionally-built conservatories, an insulated veranda will look good for years to come with truly minimal maintenance. No repainting, sandblasting or chemical treatment is needed to maintain the beautiful finish of our powder coating, just an occasional wipe down with a damp rag. All of the drainage is concealed into the framework and requires no upkeep, and the sturdy, aluminium profiles are inherently rust-resistant and will not warp, rot or twist over time.

Panoramic Glass Verandas

Our panoramic veranda is the ideal way to bring a true ‘winter garden’ to your home, offering huge, unobstructed spans of up to 6 metres to create a bright, spacious living area that feels open but remains protected from the elements. The incredibly robust design of the panoramic veranda can also accommodate large expanses of glass walls and sliding doors, as well as our full range of patio heaters, privacy blinds, LED spotlights and automation controls, to produce an enclosed outdoor living space that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The Panoramic Veranda features a range of gutter and post profiles each with their own aesthetic, allowing it to present a modern or heritage appearance as desired. This flexibility, combined with the same huge range of standard and RAL colours available with all our Verandas, gives you the freedom to create a beautifully airy new living space which can be tailored in appearance to suit contemporary, period and traditional homes alike.

Built to industry-leading standards of durability the Panoramic Veranda is manufactured using extruded aluminium profile which is then reinforced with a heavy duty steel beam to ensure it can take the strain of the incredibly wide openings it can achieve. Use the Panoramic Veranda to create an outdoor living space with unrivalled views and an unbeatable lifespan.

Key Features

Large Spans

With the capability to span up to 6 metres with no intermediate posts and reach more than 10 metres wide in total, our Panoramic veranda offers unobstructed views and natural light in abundance. This allows for a seamless look, enabling homeowners to bring the outside in whilst keeping the elements at bay. Pair a 6 metre opening with a 6 metre wide set of all-glass sliding doors for an irresistibly wide view, which can be enjoyed in comfort all the year round.

Flexible Styling

The Panoramic Veranda has our broadest range of styling options.

Choose a rounded post and gutter profile for a subtle, modern look, or a feature post and Victorian gutter profile for an elegant period look to enhance a traditional garden and rear elevation.

Inherently Robust

This wide spanning build is made possible by utilising the inherent strength of extruded aluminium, which is both lightweight and durable, combined with full steel reinforcing where required to create a veranda design which is both slim, and incredibly strong. As our most robust veranda, the panoramic system offers the very highest level of structural integrity and can therefore support openings and sizes which other systems can only dream of.

Panoramic Plus Verandas

We created the panoramic plus as the ultimate, minimalist glass-box veranda. Taking our heavy-duty panoramic veranda as a starting point, we designed a completely flush gutter and beam detail for an ultra-modern look. Then, to take the minimal look to the next level, we integrated the head of our glass sliding doors into the gutter profile of the veranda, for an ultra-slim and completely seamless head detail, whether viewed from inside or outside.

Amazingly, the Panoramic Plus retains almost all of the strength of the Panoramic Veranda, and its glass door sets can span up to 5.3m for an incredible unobstructed view. Also compatible with our huge range of heating options, privacy blinds and LED lighting, the Panoramic Plus create an all-glass ‘winter garden’ that is beautifully minimalist but still uncompromisingly practical.

If you’re looking to create a garden room that opens fully for ventilation in the summer, shelters and warms you in the winter, and provides stunning living space all year round, the panoramic plus veranda is the ideal solution for you. Available in our full range of colours and with the same robust, quick-to-install construction as all our products, the Panoramic Plus combines strength and style like no other veranda.

Key Features

Slim & Strong

The advanced design and reinforcing options of the panoramic plus veranda allows us to create wide openings up to 5.3m with integrated glass sliding doors, whilst keeping the same slim 132mm gutter sightline as our slimline veranda. Don’t want to compromise between slim lines and wide openings? The panoramic plus offers the best of both worlds.

Panorama, Plus

As its name suggests, the panoramic plus takes the clear, wide-open aesthetic of the panoramic veranda one step further by slimming the beam and gutter and integrating a set of clear glass sliding doors with a completely flush head detail. Experience an even clearer view of your scenery whilst sat in the comfort of your very own stunning winter garden.

Fully Customisable

As with all of our products, the panoramic plus veranda can be fully customised to suit your needs. It can be powder coated to any of our 7 standard finishes or over 100 RAL colours. We can integrate LED lighting, strip heaters or even heated glass to keep you warm and comfortable all year round, and vertical blinds, roof blinds or switchable opaque glass to keep your garden room shaded during the day and private in the evenings.

Customisable Options