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With a double-leaf hinged garage door, either one or both door leaves can be opened. This allows you, for example, to get your bike out of the garage without opening the entire door, thus providing convenient access to the garage and saving a lot of time in the long run.

The side hinged garage door DFT 42 is often selected when renovating older, smaller garages. With the hinged garage door, the entire garage interior can be optimally used as the door opens outwards. With a double-leaf hinged garage door, either one or both door leaves can be opened as required. This allows you to conveniently access the garage and in the long term protects the door from wear, as you do not have to open and close the entire door when retrieving your bicycle from the garage, for example.

The division of the door leaves and the position of the fixed and traffic leaf can be designed individually according to your requirements.

To ensure that the open door remains stable even in bad weather conditions, door stays on the ground additionally secure the door.

To protect the door against break-ins, the hinged garage door is equipped with a profile cylinder lock.

The door infill made of 42 mm thick sections ensures good thermal insulation of the garage.

The hinged garage door is available in various styles as well as in all Hörmann decors and colours.


Customised leaf division

Design your hinged garage door entirely to suit your needs. The door leaves are available in both symmetrical and asymmetrical division. The symmetrical division, with door leaves of equal width, offer a harmonious door view. For the asymmetrical division, the traffic leaf comes in a width of 870mm, which allows for convenient pedestrian passage into the garage. The width of the fixed leaf results from the total width of the door. You can also choose to position the traffic leaf on the left or right side of the door. Three strudy hinges per door leaf (one hinge with safety device) also ensure reliable door operation.



aluminium frame profiles60-mm-thick aluminium frame profiles
The frame profile seals reliably with a 3-sided double door seal and double lip seal in the threshold area. The door infill made of 42-mm thick sections is available with S-, M-, L-, D-, and T-ribbing as well as in all colours and decors. We supply the smooth aluminium frame profile in the colour of the sections, or for Decograin and Duragrain infills in a colour matching the door.

Secure locking system

For a reliable locking of the door, the traffic lead is equipped as standard with an aluminium lever handle set and a lock with profile cylinder. The fixed lead is securely locked using a door bolt. In order to fix the door leaves when open, the traffic and fixed leaf can be equipped with additional door stays on the ground. A door stay with braking and damping functions fitted on the top edge of the leaf is particularly convenient. It stops the door from slamming and opening and can be locked in any position.