Howell Glass Rafter Rooflight

Introducing the new glass rafter rooflight from Howells Patent Glazing.

Launched in 2019, the new glass rafter rooflight system from Howells incorporates their new opening vent system. As the Islands’ local installer for Howells products, we are really excited about this innovative product.

Providing sleek contemporary sky views internally, allowing ventilation and more natural light into the available space, giving more natural light than you would get with traditional rooflights. The flat rooflight system can be incorporated into both flat and pitched roofs and available in double or triple glazing.

Designed to maximise daylight, Ultraline offers architects and specifiers the freedom to use larger expanses of glass. Each joint is supported by a glass rafter, or fin, which reinforces the structure without breaking the sightline.
The low-pitch aluminium roof light is non-intrusive and typically measures 2.4 metres long and 1.2 metres wide. However, as each roof light is designed and made to order, specifiers can increase the width and depth to suit the application. Loadings are calculated by an independent glass consultant.

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