The Green Option for Window Replacement

Is replacing your windows a green option?

It sure is. You can enjoy up to 56% improvement in energy efficiency and 70% increased sound proofing.
As well as a low maintenance finish, our windows are built to last. They can also be recycled, giving them an effective 400 year life-cycle.

Now you have some facts, make the green window choice with Pallot.
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Greater Energy Efficiency:

– The greater the gap between the two panes of glass, the more insulating the window is.
– Double glazing that is between 10-15 years old usually has a gap of around 6mm, compared to new windows at around 16mm!
– uPVC windows built prior to 2007 won’t have a Window Energy Rating (WER) higher than ‘C’, whereas modern windows can take that to A, A+ or A++!

Increased Sound Proofing:

– The larger gap also makes modern uPVC windows more efficient at keeping out unwanted noise such as traffic or loud neighbours!
– The frame itself is a poor conductor of both heat and sound, with its rigidity and low thermal conductivity. Therefore sound struggles to pass through the material into your home.

Recyclable and Built To Last:

– In common with many other plastics, PVC-U is highly recyclable. It became the first material of any type to be independently awarded an A+ material sustainability rating by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).
– According to the BRE, PVC-U can be recyclable 10 times or more, without impacting on material performance, and PVC-U window frames have a reference service life (how long on average that they’re installed for) of 35-40 years
– If the frame is recycled 10 times, that’s a 400 year total useful life!

Low Maintenance:

– Windows from the 1980s and 1990s are notable for their greying or yellowing appearance. Modern uPVC frames keep their colour without fading over time!
– Since uPVC is “unplasticised” it retains its hardiness, making it highly durable, moisture resistant, and relatively maintenance-free- besides the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth!

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