Why choose NorDan for Student Accommodation?

Every year, more and more people are getting into universities and colleges across the country and this means more and more young people are leaving home to achieve their dreams. Because of this, student accommodation projects are on the rise and, at NorDan, we know how important it is to have the perfect window for these types of projects.

Over the years in construction, the attitudes have changed and many companies are starting to move away from using inexpensive materials and instead looking to the quality and durability of products. That’s why many are now looking towards providing windows and doors with longer life cycles and minimal upkeep. At NorDan, we can guarantee that our customers will always receive the highest performing products with virtually zero maintenance and a life expectancy of sixty years.
As well as having a sixty-year lifespan, there is even the bonus of a thirty year warranty again rot and fungi which gives our customers the peace of mind that if they have any problems they will be fixed with minimal disruption to their lives.

With student accommodation, and having so many different people living in the one building, NorDan know that depending on the preferences of the client, there will be multiple priorities. So no matter if you require security protection, weather performance, or acoustic capabilities, NorDan have the perfect windows for you.

NorDan aren’t a mere window supplier, we will constantly strive to support you throughout your project and provide you with the very best customer service possible.